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River Wealth Institute 2022

RWI Impact Statement


Helped over 150 individuals/families to improve their financial knowledge, execute entrepreneurial strategies and increase economic stability through providing information, practical strategies and expert local resources. Developed partnerships with over 40 businesses and professionals in the NC Triangle area: 80% of which are small minority-owned businesses and 20% are larger community based financial institutions. Graduated three classes of participants, with proven impactful results, such as:

  •        Businesses started/founded

  •        Systems/strategies implemented to strengthen existing businesses

  •        Credit scores increased 200+ points

  •        Debt paid down by 60% or more

  •        New homes purchased for first-time homebuyers

  •        Formal retirement plans developed, and retirement accounts funded

  •        Estate plans finalized for individuals and families


2022 RWI Dates:

2/5: Phase I: RWI Financial Literacy

4/7 Phase II: River Wifi

6/7: Phase III: River 3D

October 2022 RWI Granduation TBD


The Emerge Center's premier program, The River Wealth Institute (RWI) Financial Wellness Program is a one-year experience designed to help you improve your financial know-how and improve your economic stability by providing information, practical strategies and local resources.  Through this program you will be able to understand and improve your finances and prepare for your future.  This program will assist in equipping and empowering you to secure your future success and build generational wealth. 

This one year, three phase commitment allows registrants to gain financial insight, resources, strategies, and collaborate with their fellow cohort and coaches. 

Wealth Institute Program Structure
Dollar Notes
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